The Mentorship Program

The best part is to understand what mentorship is. If you search online, you will get a variety of options, but I have come up with a guide on the mentor-mentee responsibilities.

What is the role of a mentor?

Advisor and coach: provide advice, guidance, and feedback; share their experience and expertise as appropriate; act as a sounding board for ideas and action plans

Champion and cheerleader: Offer encouragement and support to try new things; help mentees move out their comfort zones; celebrate successes; help mentees understand when things do not go as planned.

Resource and recommendations: Identify resources that will help mentees with personal development and growth, such as recommending books, workshops, or other learning tools; encourage mentees to join networking organizations or introduce them to new contacts

Devil’s advocate and “truth-sayer”: Provide the tough feedback that mentees need to hear in order to move forward; push mentees to take risks when appropriate; help mentees consider and weigh potential consequences of decisions and actions to avoid the pitfalls and predictable surprises that may occur.

Meanwhile, the mentees have their own responsibilities, including:
  • Identifying initial learning goals and measures of success for the mentoring relationship ICT Audit

  • Be open to and seek feedback

  • Take an active role in their own learning and help drive the process

  • Schedule and attend mentor conversations

  • Follow through on commitments and take informed risks as they try new options and behaviors in support of career and development goals.

The Mentees

Safaricom Women in business
Sarah Kabira.
CEO at Techminds Technologies Ltd
Safaricom Women in business
Faith Macharia.
CEO at Tropical Impression Ltd
Safaricom Women in business
Maureen Misoi
CEO and Founder of Optimax Group Limited
Safaricom Women in business
Millicent Maina.
CEO at Lymies Engineering Limited.
Safaricom Women in business
Debrah Fostin
Chief implementer at Debrah Faustin Agency Limited
Safaricom Women in business
Gladys Njiru
the Managing Director at Datasec Limited
Safaricom Women in business
Betty Gichuki
Business Development Director at Create A Tee
Safaricom Women in business
Jimia Yassin
Founder and CEO, Nubly Technologies Limited
Safaricom women in business
Maggie Mbugua
Founder and CEO, Bit Communications Limited
Safaricom Women in business
Evelyn Wambui Njoora
CEO Extra Dimensions Co. Ltd
Safaricom Women in business
Rebecca Wanjiku
CEO at Fireside Engineering Group
Safaricom Women in business
Eva Nyawira
CEO, Lakehouse Limited

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