Safaricom Women in Business
Debrah Fostin

I am the Chief implementer at Debrah Faustin Agency Limited (DFA Agency). DFA Agency is an experiential agency challenged with pushing brands and products to next level-thinking through providing experiences. We offer Experiences in brand development, communication, marketing and events.

Getting into business has grown a fire in me to see growth and be prepared for opportunities. I am hungry and passionate about building businesses and people to become and offer better for themselves. Through DFA agency I have been able to see the best skills in people and elevate different skillsets, connect talent to productivity and be able to work with the best people in achieving growth. I also seek personal growth, I spend a lot of my time reading as well as acquiring skills through short courses on Acumen, HarvardX and MIT open learning.

I consider myself a geek, and an artist as well. I like to get my hands dirty and grow things. I enjoy the process of learning and unlearning and sometimes I feel as if words can’t fit the level of expression and state of being, but we must be able to learn to express.

Mentorship has literary saved my life. Having someone believe in my abilities to grow and scale has grown my own sense of belief, and drive to want to grow and impress myself as well as those who deeply believe in me, and those who have sacrificed their time to teach and guide me as I explore and discover myself.

DFA Agency has be associated with many of our clients at Start up level, from Zero Two Heroes and Trippex construction who let us grow their brand, to Cloudnine entertainment and Rastyle entertainment who believed in our crazy ideas and let us partner with them to achieve Kenya’s biggest street bash, the only National karaoke championship on the ground, to DG oasis who gave our experiences to their consumers. We always put our best foot forward.

I am excited to be a mentee in this program and I’m ready to bleed my heart out to grow. Like I said, the process is the sweetest and it will offer me the best growth stories for myself and my business and for anybody seeking growth and inspiration! I am proud to be here with women and I’m happy to be with like-minded women who are seeking growth and breaking ceilings.

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