Safaricom Women in Business
Patricia Muragami

My name is Dr. Patricia Murugami, and I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Breakthrough Consulting Solutions. Breakthrough Consulting Solutions is a leadership advisory consulting company that focuses on strengthening leadership development at board and senior management level using a wide range of learning tools.

I am passionate about optimizing leadership potential and have had extensive experience in developing over 20 programs to elevate and strengthen leadership practices and women in leadership, as well as raise diversity and inclusion in workspaces and boards. I have also served on multiple boards.

In addition to this, as a certified executive coach, I raise the leadership impact of our clients through extensive coaching programs for high performance. As inclusive leadership is a critical cause for me, I have enabled many women and other minorities in East Africa to start serving as executive and board directors. To this end, I am continuously challenging management teams to invest in deeper self-awareness and leadership habits. The return on investment is consistently high with teams who invest in proactive and authentic growth

My Breakthrough expertise lies in my ability to understand current leadership challenges and enable our clients to solve them and become fit for purpose. Since 2000, I have been a passionate entrepreneur and run businesses & initiatives such as Women of Substance serving local, regional and diaspora clients. I also have a mentoring heart and believe that the knowledge we have is only of use when people apply and share it. I share leadership insights through traditional and digital methods such as the Leadership YouTube Channel: Breakthrough with Patricia Murugami and representing Africa at TEDx –IESE in Barcelona

My dream and aspiration is to do my part and enable many others re-create a more human & humane world where each leader’s potential is harnessed for the common, higher good. This will enable brands to have a lasting impact and people to thrive due to a clear connection between their personal purpose and business purpose.

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