Safaricom Women in Business
Rebecca Wanjiku

I am the CEO, Fireside Group, an engineering solutions company. For the last ten years, I have steered Fireside from the most basic engineering installations to complex solutions that have earned us awards for timely delivery, quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction

At Fireside, we have cultivated a culture of respect and inclusiveness, emphasizing more on individual and collective abilities, other than class and educational background. This has created an atmosphere where people grow their technical and social skills, and their career flourishes. You can join us as a security officer, few years later, you will be involved in engineering services. Whether male or female, your ability is your limit. I take pride in the culture.

I am committed to contributing to the fabric of our culture; through community participation. Whether I am participating in our Corporate Social Responsibility or dedicating my time to mentor other women in business, I love giving back.

My current obsession is encouraging women to join the Safaricom Women In Business movement, Safaricom is seeking to spend 10 percent of its annual budget on women owned businesses, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t seize the opportunities.

My goal is to be more daring, break more barriers and stereotypes over time. I have done it before, I will continue doing it.

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