Safaricom Women in Business
Wambui Njoora

For the last 18 years, I have become a seasoned woman with depth and breath in Kenya and Africa’s Events Management Industry and continue to organise some of Africa’s largest events for Corporates like Safaricom, Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya Airways, and Gina Din Group among others.

I have been involved in numerous International Events like Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 10th WTO Ministerial Conference among others. I am also the Chairperson of Event Managers’ Association of Kenya and sit in the Board of the UN Global Compact – Kenya.

As the CEO and Founder of Extra Dimensions Company Ltd, I consistently seek new frontiers which saw me recently venture into Engineering with very strategic partnerships through Safaricom’s Women in Business opportunity.

My passion for Sustainability, Conservation of the Environment and Eradication of Poverty blends very well with Engineering as it allows me to design product solutions for all our clients through the partnerships we formed to empower brands that have a desire to empower the world. Mentoring other women is a challenge I embrace with pride as the Women Agenda is a long way from won.

My resolve to stay relevant is unwavering and I believe strongly that business must make sense while leveraging on Technology and Engineering to drive innovation at the speed of digital. I am determined to support our clientele reduce costs and be more sustainable.

The greatest desire I have is to contribute even in the slightest of ways in fighting corruption. African societies and indeed the World businesses must flourish and I am currently lobbying other Corporates and SMEs to vehemently fight corruption at their level. Corruption is not sustainable.

In the USA, 60% of Companies surveyed by Mckinsey and Company believe that upto half their income will come from Technology and Engineering enabled innovations by 2020. I believe this is no different for Kenyan and African Companies and I want to be part of making this a reality for all our clients for the years to come.

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