What is Safaricom Women in Business inititative?

In the last one year, the Safaricom Women in Business Initiative has sought to increase the number of women owned firms engaging with Safaricom. The initiative started in April 2017, when it was reported that out of over 1,000 suppliers, only 27 were women. The number has since risen to over 100.

One of the ways to increase the number of women supplier is through mentorship. The best part is to understand what mentorship is. If you search online, you will get a variety of options, but I have come up with a guide on the mentor-mentee responsibilities.

Our Goals
  • To grow our businesses to bigger levels.

  • To make profit by employing ethical standards, efficient management practices, and commitment to delivering value to our clients and customers.

  • To mentor, coach, connect and hold each other's hand in growing our businesses.

  • To seize the supplier diversity momentum that is currently spearheaded by Safaricom.

  • To inspire the next generation of businesswomen; that we can break barriers and handle big money projects

Women-led companies under our mentorship program

Safaricom Women in business
Fireside Engineering Group
Safaricom Women in business
Nubly Technologies Limited
Safaricom women in business
Bitcomms Connect & Communicate
Safaricom Women in business
Extra Dimensions Ltd
Safaricom Women in business
Go Gaga Experiential
Safaricom Women in business
Lake House Limited

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